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Pisces Woman and Libra Man

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This couple is blessed by the planets. But the differences between their basic motivations being so pronounced, its never easy for the girl Fish and the Libra man to fall in love. However, once they do, the differences often blend in a surprisingly satisfactory way, benefiting both of them equally. They share sentiment and sensitivity in common, as well as love of beauty. Each of them prefers peace and harmony to aggressive behavior and the strain of controversy. Neither Libra or Pisces can long endure the sharp reality of tense conflict, and if it should develop because of the severely afflicted horoscope of one of them, the other will soon float away (Libra) or swim away (Pisces) and probably not return. The nice side of it is that the two of them together will also flaot or swim away from outside pressures, escaping into the haven of each others arms for the quiet and peace they need to remain balanced (him) and tranquil (her).


This man and woman can create a romantic bond through their sexual closeness that goes a long way toward smoothing over any difficulties they may have in adjusting their personalities and life-styles. The two of them may have to be careful that they dont lead one another into procrastination and pleasure seeking, because both are susceptible to nearly any form of seduction, whether its laziness, drugs, alcoholor daydreams that never leave the ground. Otherwise, Pisces and Libra can be very happily mated, as their hearts gradually learn to beat to the same rhythm. Her mystical unswerving faith in him, and his optimistic, cheerful support of her occasional feelings of inadequacy form a strong and beautiful foundation for a lasting kind of love.

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  Woman and   Man

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